Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping

Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

5 Hours

$125 Per Person

Every Day at 9:00 am


Why People Love It:
The Gravity falls canyoning tour is full of adventure and extreme challenge. Rappel along the edge of a thundering 140-ft waterfall and jump cliffs ranging from a 10-ft technical jump to a 30-ft jump off another waterfall.

- Hike deep into the Costa Rican jungle.
- Rappel down a 140ft tropical waterfall.
- Drop into a large and deep pool of crystal water and enjoy a swim.
- Hike through the rainforest and jump off waterfalls and cliffs

Deep down in the Costa Rican jungle, lies Costa Rica's most extreme tour! Desafio founder Suresh Krishnan and his team of explorers set out into the jungle to find the perfect place for our most incredible exclusive experience yet!

Without a doubt, Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping is for those looking for an even greater challenge than canyoning in our Lost Canyon. Go beyond canyoning that you already know and join us on this intense, Costa Rican expedition.

We'll pick you up from your hotel in the La Fortuna Arenal Volcano area. We take you on a nice drive through beautiful country roads and up into the mountains.

From there, we head deep into the Costa Rican countryside. You will board our Desafio Jungle Limos to get to our private put-in of the Gravity Falls canyon.

Our guides will then suit you up with high-quality harnesses and helmets before embarking out on your once in a lifetime rainforest expedition.

Start off with a heart-pumping rappel down an impressive 140-ft tropical waterfall. Youll drop into a large, deep pool of incredibly crystal-clear water and have a chance to swim your way to shore. This will prepare you for the following adrenaline-pumping adventures of this multi-sport canyon adventure.

You'll hike through the rainforest to where youll reach a continuous series of waterfalls and cliffs. Your professional and experienced guides will help you push your limits as you jump off 10 to 30-ft waterfalls and cliffs into the deep canyon pools.
Talk about secret swimming holes! Be one of the first to be able to explore this pristine wilderness deep inside the isolated Gravity Falls canyon!

Rain or shine, you are going to have tons of wild water fun and get a chance to see Costa Rican nature up close and personal!
Don't leave Costa Rica without doing the extreme new Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping Canyoning tour near the Arenal Volcano!

Towels on transports

Standard Tour:
Minimum 2 guests.

No age requirements.



Meeting Location
Door-to-door service and pick up at your hotel in the La Fortuna area in Zone 1. Clients staying outside of Zone 1 will be required to pay an additional fee.

Hotel pickup available!

Call (615) 791-4690 for more information or to book today! Mention code 13462993

Tour Operator
Project Expedition
Offer valid through 6/18/2017
1 Days
Escorted - Yes
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level - Challenging
Day 1La FortunaCanyoning.
ContinuedLa FortunaHiking.

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06/18/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
$125.00* (USD) / Per Person
06/19/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/20/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/21/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/22/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/23/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/24/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/25/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/26/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/27/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/28/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/29/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/30/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/01/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/02/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/03/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/04/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/05/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/06/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/07/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/08/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/09/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/10/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/11/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/12/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/13/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/14/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/15/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/16/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/17/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/18/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/19/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/20/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/21/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/22/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/23/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/24/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/25/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/26/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/27/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/28/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/29/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/30/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/31/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/01/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/02/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/03/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/04/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/05/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/06/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/07/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/08/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/09/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/10/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/11/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/12/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/13/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/14/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/15/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/16/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/17/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/18/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/19/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/20/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/21/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/22/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/23/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/24/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/25/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/26/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/27/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/28/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/29/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/30/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/31/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
09/01/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
09/02/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
09/03/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
09/04/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
09/05/2017$125.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
This tour is considered an extreme adventure and advisable for those who are athletic and physically fit. No experience necessary. There are different jump heights throughout the tour and paths in case you decide to skip a jump - but the idea is to push yourself to your limits on this Costa Rica extreme tour Gravity Falls!


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