Team Building Experience: Stand Up Paddle on Lake Arenal

Team Building Experience: Stand Up Paddle on Lake Arenal

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

5 Hours

$110 Per Person

Every Day at 7:30 am
Every Day at 1:30 pm

Paddle Boarding at Lake Arenal

- Get in the middle of Lake Arenal and admire the Arenal Volcano
- Paddle out on the Arenal Lake
- Participate in various activities such as stand up paddle races, survivor, fun tricks on your paddle board

As we embark on our journey out to the middle of the lake, youll be blown away by all of the natural beauty of Lake Arenal. The mountains that surround the lake are different shades of green, as some are in the foreground while the others fade into the distance.
The calm waters in Arenal make this a perfect sport for people of all ages and all skill levels. Its a great activity for people who just want to be on a freshwater lake, soaking up the sun in gorgeous scenery with plenty of opportunity for conversation.
About half way through the tour well paddle to an island where the next part of the adventure begins. We'll split up your group into teams and you'll participate in activities like:

+ Stand Up Paddle Races

+ Follow the clues to find treasures

+ Survivor! Who can create their boat the fastest?

+ Fun techniques and tricks on your paddle board

These activities are perfect for companies and groups who would like to improve communication, leadership, innovation, and team work. After all their hard work, relax, crack open the cooler and fuel up with a refreshing and well-deserved BBQ. Que Rico!

First, reach the perfect spot on the Lake Arenal to see the Arenal Volcano, from where you can see the detailed textures of its rock formation and where passing in front of it can make you feel tiny.
Next, when you reach the middle of the lake, your guide will give you plenty of safety instructions and plunk your board into the water. After that, Paddle out on your knees and when you are ready, stand up and find your balance! Then, About half way through the tour well paddle to an island where the next part of the adventure begins. We'll split up your group into teams and you'll participate in activities like stand up paddle races, follow the clues to find treasures etc.

Transportation, a professional guide, boat to store your things, team building activities, BBQ at the end.

Standard Tour:
Minimum 5 guests.

No age requirements.


Bathing suit, water shorts, t shirt, sunglass straps for glasses, hat, sunscreen, a big smile.

Meeting Location
Door-to-door service and pick up at your hotel in the La Fortuna area in Zone 1. Clients staying outside of Zone 1 will be required to pay an additional fee.

Hotel pickup available!

Call (615) 791-4690 for more information or to book today! Mention code 13463173

Tour Operator
Project Expedition
Offer valid through 6/18/2017
1 Days
Escorted - Yes
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level - Easy
Day 1La FortunaPaddle Boarding at Lake Arenal.

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06/18/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
$110.00* (USD) / Per Person
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06/20/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/21/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
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06/27/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
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06/29/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
06/30/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/01/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
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07/03/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
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07/06/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/07/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/08/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
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07/12/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
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07/14/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/15/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/16/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/17/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/18/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/19/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/20/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/21/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/22/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/23/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/24/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/25/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/26/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/27/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/28/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
07/29/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
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08/01/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
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08/19/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/20/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
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08/22/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/23/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/24/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/25/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/26/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/27/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/28/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/29/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/30/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
08/31/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
09/01/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
09/02/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
09/03/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
09/04/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
09/05/2017$110.00* (USD) / Per PersonQuote
Recommended ages 8-85. This adventure involves some inherent risk and physical exertion, so you must be in good physical condition without any recent surgery, heart condition, pregnancy, disability or injury. You should know how to swim and feel comfortable in water. We cannot guarantee you will not fall off of board while SUP.


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